French Lawyer


Regardless of whether your legal issues arise from a business or personal lifestyle, most of you require legal advice quite often than others and if you contact a lawyer for that advise, consultation may be charged which either may be expensive and unsatisfactory or might ultimately discourage you to proceed with further legal proceedings. Therefore, in order to overcome your hesitation, we offer Legal retainer services to our clients in which includes practical, effective advice and representational service in matters pertaining to all kinds of civil, corporate, commercial or any type of matters, and support most aspects of what a business requires through its life-cycle. The said retainer service will include all the legal services, be it phone consultation, advice or approaching the Court.

Why Retainer:

  • Affordability

  • Develop stronger relationship as we always have your ear

  • Integral part of your company

  • Reduce risk and exposure to loss and unnecessary legal fees

  • immediate attention